You Can Play Cards Against Humanity With Your Mates From Isolation

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 29 Mar 2020 09:47
You Can Play Cards Against Humanity With Your Mates From IsolationYou Can Play Cards Against Humanity With Your Mates From IsolationShutterstock/Cards Against Humanity

Sad because you can’t pre-drink with your friends, play Cards Against Humanity and feel like bad people for your savage answers? Worry no more because there’s a way you can play the brutal card game online.

Virtually hanging out with the friends has become the ‘it’ thing to do with apps like Houseparty becoming popular, and now you can play Cards Against Humanity online as well.


Up to six players can play the online game where one person creates a virtual room and shares the link to their friends so they can join.

Cards against humanityCards against humanityPexels

While you can play the game off your mobile, it’s advised you do it off a laptop or desktop at first because it can apparently be a bit difficult to navigate at first.

As a brief step-by-step guide, you scroll down the site’s home screen and click the Cards Against Humanity’option followed by clicking ‘start game’. You’ll then receive your link to share with your friends who want to play along.


When everyone’s in, click the briefcase in the top left of the screen to edit everyone’s names.

Playing cardsPlaying cardsplayingcards.io

Then, from the deck of white cards, you drag ten of them into your section at the bottom of the screen. Following this the judge for the round clicks on a black card from the question card pile. All players except the judge then drag a card from their hand and drop it into one of the slots in the centre section where there are six spaces.

Head over to playingcards.io to get playing now. You can still have a laugh with pals while practising social distancing. But you’ll have to provide the alcohol.


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