Young Girls Scream And Run In Terror After Spotting Ghost Mother Can’t See

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Mar 2021 17:02
Young Girls Scream And Run In Terror After Spotting Ghost Mother Can't SeeAngel Ruiz/YouTube

Chilling footage shows a pair of little girls express pure terror at the sight of something horrifying that their mother cannot see.

In the video, two unknown children are seated at a small plastic table together, having some juice and a snack.


The table is located in a brightly-lit living room or kitchen area. At the back at the room, however, there is a smaller, darker room that is the focus of their attention over the course of the short video.

You can watch the clip for yourself below, but do make sure you have all the lights turned on first:

You first start to realise that something is not quite right when the little girl facing the smaller room begins peering into the darkness nervously, appearing to be uncomfortable and explaining that she was ‘scared’.


The other kid doesn’t seem too bothered to begin with, turning around to look into the room herself and asking the other girl, ‘what?’ with some confusion and telling her that it was all okay.

The unseen woman taking the video, who appears to be the mother of one of the girls, reassures her, ‘I’ve just turned out the light,’ but these words do nothing to calm her anxieties.

The other girl initially giggles at her distress, laughing and making silly noises to make her jump. But it soon becomes apparent that she is genuinely frightened, turning to the woman filming with a noise of obvious discomfort.

ghostAngel Ruiz/YouTube

When asked exactly what it was that made her feel so scared, the girl – now in tears – pointed at the dimly-lit room, which appeared to be completely empty.

Crying, she gets up from her seat and heads off camera, while the other child smiles and laughs with some amusement.

However, her merriment is short-lived. Turning around once again, the non-crying girl suddenly goes very still and quiet as she peers into the shadowy room, before letting out the most drawn-out, blood-curdling scream I have ever heard.

She then pushes the table away from her and rushes to where the other two are seated, clearly extremely disturbed by whatever it is she has seen. Offscreen, the two children can be heard crying loudly in the corner of the room.

ghostAngel Ruiz/YouTube

It’s unclear what struck such fear into the kids. Imaginations at this age can of course run wild, and sometimes make-believe games can feel a little too real.

However, the footage is undeniably chilling, reminding many viewers of many a classic horror film moment where the children see the ghost long before their parents know anything is wrong.

Sleep tight.


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