Young Man Presents Boy Picked On For His Shoes With New Air Jordans


It’s rare we get to see something joyous and kind in the news, so revel in this video of a young man’s heart-warming kindness.

Greenwood High School senior Tae Moore presented a classmate – who reportedly was being picked on for his so-called unfashionable shoes – with a brand new pair of Air Jordans.

You can watch the act of unbridled kindness, which has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, below:

Student Bought a Pair of Air Jordans to Classmate Who Was Being Bullied over the way he dress and look #Respect

Posted by Boosie Badazz on Friday, 4 November 2016

The senior approached his classmate, Taylor Bates in a gymnasium and presented him with a brand new boxed pair of Air Jordans.

After Taylor was initially wary of the gift, showing just how defensive the gruelling world of high school can make a young kid, the modern day Santa Claus persisted.

Taylor finally accepted the gift for what it was; a gesture of kindness.

Tae said: 

He’s just a cool nice kid who wants to be a rapper.

I’ve heard he’s been getting bullied around school and stuff so I wanted to do something for him.

Bates’ family has since responded thanking Tae for his kindness.


With the season of giving, kindness and respect to fellow man just around the corner, this gesture is enough to melt away the icicles on our cold, cold hearts.