Young Man Struggling To Pay For Date In Fancy Restaurant, Waiter Saves The Day

by : Lucy Connolly on : 24 Jan 2019 16:32
Waiter saves the day for couple struggling to payWaiter saves the day for couple struggling to payPexels/Getty

First date politics have the potential to cause a lot of stress before things have even got underway: what food should you order, what do you talk about, what should you wear? The list goes on.


And don’t even get me started on the ‘who’s supposed to pay’ debate – just thinking about it makes me break out into a cold sweat. Why are there so many rules to follow?

One man experienced the true horror of this predicament recently, when he offered to pay the bill on a date without realising just how expensive the restaurant was.

The story came to light when Twitter user @forwardnotback, aka Tim, told his followers about a young couple he had just encountered while eating his Sunday dinner in a fancy restaurant.


Tim observed that the pair looked like a new couple, just starting out their relationship, and that this was probably their first meal out together.

Before looking at the menus, Tim said the man was insistent his date could have ‘whatever she liked and he was paying’ and the woman blushed and asked ‘are you sure’.

Then, the menus arrived and Tim mentioned how the woman’s faced dropped as she saw the prices, offering to split the bill with her date instead.

The young man was having none of it though and, despite his face paling slightly when he saw the menu, told his date to order whatever she liked while reaching out to hold her hand.

The couple went back and forth like this for a little while, trying to decide whether or not they wanted a starter or just a main meal.

As the woman tried to make it as cheap as possible for her date, she decided to follow his lead and just order the roast beef, skipping the starter in an attempt to save him money.


The waiter then approached the table, asking if the couple wanted to take a look at the wine list – to which the man confidently replied ‘yes please’.

After telling his date to choose which wine she wanted, the young woman again offered to pay but he was having none of it and remained adamant it was his treat. So she ordered a water/coke instead with the promise she would take him to the pub later.

Tim noticed that, while he was watching the couple’s exchange, so was the waiter – hence how it came to be that the waiter managed to save the day with a lovely gesture towards the young couple.

Now, the waiter had witnessed this back and forth between the two and was well aware that the man wanted his date to enjoy herself and order a glass of wine. He was also aware that the prices were maybe a little bit too expensive.

So he decided to lend a helping hand and worked a bit of magic, offering the couple a ‘complimentary’ glass of champagne each with their meals that definitely wasn’t supposed to be complimentary.

Cupid in the making right there. Well, if you needed any proof that sometimes the world isn’t a massive pile of sh*t, here it is.

I just hope the waiter gets invited to the wedding.

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