YouPorn Introduces ‘Wheel Of Foreplay’ To Boost Intimacy During Pandemic

by : Lucy Connolly on : 23 Apr 2020 07:56
YouPorn Introduces 'Wheel Of Foreplay' To Boost Intimacy During Pandemicfutureofsex/Instagram/YouPorn

YouPorn has shared a new way for couples to spice things up with its ‘Wheel of Foreplay’, something it’s described as ‘more fun than making bread’.

For some, being in the middle of a pandemic might have put a slight dampener on their sex life – y’know, what with the whole not knowing when this is going to end and being worried about the future palaver – which is exactly where the wheel comes into play.


For others, who knows? Your sex life might never have been better, but the site is still banking on the fact that you can never have too much help in that department – specifically when it comes to boosting intimacy.

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Partnering up with The Future of Sex Lab, the adult entertainment site hopes the online intimacy game will help couples who are currently isolating together, as well as those who aren’t able to physically see each other, and also those who aren’t in a relationship and just want some alone time.

Before you even enter Wheel of Foreplay, both people need to read and agree to the terms of consent. Once this is done, it’s time for you to choose from a virtual deck of categories – Some Like it Hot, Push it Real Good, Cosmic Connection, Going The Distance, and I Touch Myself – and spin the wheel.


Each deck offers a different way to connect with your partner: the ‘Cosmic Connection’ deck introduces ‘mindful exploration’; the ‘Some Like it Hot’ deck feeds ‘sensual connection’; the ‘Push it Real Good’ deck promotes ‘physical action’; et cetera et cetera.

wheel of foreplayYouPorn/The Future of Sex Lab

To play the game, you just need to choose a category that appeals to you both and complete the intimate challenges that are then presented to you once you spin the wheel.

If you fancy some naughtier challenges – anything from putting ice cubes in your mouth before going down on your partner to having sex in a window – ‘Push it Real Good’ is probably the one for you, whereas the ‘Cosmic Connection’ deck offers more spiritual, mindful options that promote intimate brain health.


The vice president of YouPorn, Charlie Hughes, said in a statement:

Intimacy is a major part of connecting and strengthening relationships. At YouPorn, we take pride in knowing that our users can enjoy the content we supply with their partner or partners to help take a break from everyday worries while strengthening their relationship.

We’re excited to join forces with the Future of Sex Lab team to switch up game night with something that’s new, personal and intimate. Our interest is helping people focus on creating new memories and exploring new aspects of their sexuality with each other, which we believe is now, more important than ever.

Bryony Cole, the producer and host of The Future of Sex Lab, said they hope to ‘bring people together’ with the added bonus of boosting your immune system, with Cole saying studies have shown intimacy is ‘amazing’ for this exact purpose. ‘We’ve done all the work, so everyone else can just play,’ she added.


Well, what are you waiting for? Get playing.

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