You’re More Likely To Have Sex Today Than Any Other Day Of The Year

by : Tim Horner on : 07 Jan 2018 15:05

If your top New Year’s resolution is to get more action then get right-swiping people because today is the busiest day on Tinder.


Forget Black Friday or Blue Monday, the first Sunday of the year has the most traffic on the dating app, with 44 million matches being made against the daily average of 26 million.

So statistically speaking, you’re more likely to get your end away and take it from me, I got a whole GCSE in Maths – yes that’s one of my best opening lines.


According to The Hook, the reason for the musk in the air today is because experts say January is the traditional time of year for setting goals and making changes in your life – For me, it’s always the time to make the change from ‘Am I having sex right now?’ to ‘Oh cool, I’m having sex right now.’


Resolutions usually stem around making positive changes – quitting the cigs, cutting down the booze, exercising more – and this includes getting out and under the sheets more regularly.

As Sundays are the laziest day of the week – unless you work in the many sexy worlds of say the media, hospitality, healthcare…, most people are at home and swiping through their phones – perfect time for booking in the booty call you were too drunk to follow through on over the festive period.

*Phone buzzes* – Sorry, I’m just going to have to get this.


As Christmas has just passed, the next holiday – if you can call it that – is Valentine’s Day and there’s bound to be some lonely souls looking to spend the day with a special, or just available, someone?

Yet if you don’t manage to get your rocks off tonight, fear not.

Take solace in the fact our millennial generation is having less sex than other generations, according to Forbes. If that’s any consolation?…

Tim Horner

Tim Horner is a sub-editor at UNILAD. He graduated with a BA Journalism from University College Falmouth before most his colleagues were born. A previous editor of adult mags, he now enjoys bringing the tone down in the viral news sector.

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