YouTube Star Reveals Devastating Effects On Her Hair After ‘Simple Mistake’

Hannah Forcier/YouTube

For some the buzz cut is a fashion statement. For YouTube star Hannah Forcier it was a decision she took after a disaster with hair product, and now she has gone viral after sharing her story.


Hannah took to YouTube after a disaster with a hair relaxer in a video titled ‘how all my hair fell out by making one mistake : story time’.

And she’s racked up almost seven million views of her tearjerking story of the steps she went through after all of her hair broke off completely from the root.



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Before the ordeal of losing her locks, Hannah had a shoulder-length bob, which was often dyed pink. Her hair was naturally curly so to avoid having to straighten and damage her hair on a daily basis, she decided to buy a hair relaxer.

She told Allure:

I truly thought I was doing the best thing for my hair.

However, at the time she didn’t realise what fragile state her hair was in. The relaxer was just as aggressive as the dyeing and the straightening.

Hannah followed the instructions on the box and left the treatment in for the recommended amount of time before stepping into the shower to wash it out.


Watch Hannah tell her story below:

Hannah explains in her video:

I could feel my hair coming out and going down my back, and you could hear it splashing in the water.

So much of her hair came out that her shower refused to drain. After she got out the shower she discovered the sides of her hair were gone, and most of her hair had fallen out after attempting to brush it.


Hannah believed her personality and hair dictated her mood:

It would make or break my mood depending on if it looked good.

Having something that makes you stand out and be noticed and remembered is a great feeling. I always felt pushed to the side and easily forgotten.

? Merry Christmas ?

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mari.watkins also needed but one word, ‘gorgeous’.

king.rackbar added:

Slay girl you looking like starr.


I just saw that video about the story of ur hair actually I thought they will look worst in the end but no not at all now that I see before pic I like them better short than long on u I really like the short hair on u.

Just goes to show, your hair is only the tip of who you are.