French YouTuber ‘Blocks Entire Neighbourhood’s Sewage System’ After Filling Bathtub With Orbeez

by : Lucy Connolly on : 03 Mar 2020 12:27
French YouTuber 'Blocks Entire Neighbourhood's Sewage System' After Filling Bathtub With OrbeezFrench YouTuber 'Blocks Entire Neighbourhood's Sewage System' After Filling Bathtub With Orbeezcyrilschreiner/Twitter

A French YouTuber has gone viral after claiming to have blocked his entire neighbourhood’s sewage system with Orbeez when he filled his bathtub with the jelly-like balls.


Cyril Schreiner, from Alsace, poured multiple boxes of Orbeez into his bath for his latest YouTube video – presumably to see how much the beads would really expand in water.

However, he apparently didn’t plan far enough in advance to think about how he might get rid of the Orbeez once they’d expanded to their maximum size, and disaster ensued.

You can watch how everything escalated below:


Upon realising he had no way to get the Orbeez out of his bath, Schreiner decided to pull the plug (literally) on his experiment in an attempt to get rid of the jelly balls down the drain.

The Orbeez then reportedly filled the pipes and flooded into his toilet and sink, all of which can be witnessed in his numerous other Twitter videos.

For some reason, the YouTuber then decided that flushing his toilet would be the best thing to do. Disclaimer: it wasn’t, and the toilet overflowed and flooded his entire bathroom.

His antics didn’t just impact his own home though, as a further update revealed his entire neighbourhood’s drainage system had been blocked by the jelly balls.

Schreiner then claimed to have received a letter from the local town hall saying the police were searching for the culprit, something the influencer clearly didn’t take too kindly to.

But did he actually block the sewage system, or was it all just a (very well executed) stunt to get people onto his YouTube channel? We don’t know for sure. Schreiner remains adamant it’s true, saying ‘whether you believe it or not I do not care’, but others are sceptical.

While one person wrote: ‘Anyone with common sense would know you don’t flush this. he did the whole thing on purpose,’ another said: ‘It’s funny but the letter is fake as fck.’


Furthermore, a journalist by the name of Vincent Manilève conducted an investigation into the case and published his findings on the ever-reliable Twitter, describing the whole thing as a ‘hoax’.

He wrote (translated to English):

I looked where this influencer lived to see if, as he has been saying for several days, the pipes in his street are well blocked by these famous balls. I [asked] the mayor, he knows about it and says it is a ‘hoax’.

He explained to me that the pipeline network is ‘private’, and therefore that, if his pipes are blocked, it cannot affect the neighbours. The mayor also says that the letter is false, that he went to warn the [police] and that he invited Cyril to discuss it.

This is on the side of the mayor in any case, it is a snippet of information, but that would partly explain all the storytelling that the influencer sets up on Instagram etc.

These claims haven’t been confirmed, but regardless of whether or not it’s true, I think we can all agree it’s absolutely hilarious.

What a roller coaster of a journey.

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