YouTuber Thomas Brag Goes To Least Visited Place In The World, Finds ‘Forgotten Paradise’

by : Lucy Connolly on : 08 Sep 2020 11:04
YouTuber Thomas Brag Goes To Least Visited Place In The World, Finds 'Forgotten Paradise'YouTuber Thomas Brag Goes To Least Visited Place In The World, Finds 'Forgotten Paradise'Yes Theory/YouTube

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to paradise? Or perhaps your standards are a bit lower at the moment, and you’re just dreaming of travelling literally anywhere?

Yup, same. Which is why, when I saw this video of a man discovering a ‘forgotten paradise’ in the form of the least visited place in the world, I immediately became extremely jealous of him.

The man in question, Thomas Brag, made the decision to travel to the island country of Tuvalu after researching which country received the least tourists each year, hopping on a plane to check it out almost immediately.


Check out his travels below:

Brag, who is the co-founder of Yes Theory – a movement that encourages people to say yes to things that put them outside of their comfort zones – shared a video of his experience to the organisation’s YouTube channel.

Upon arriving in the tiny country, which is situated in the Pacific Ocean, midway between Hawaii and Australia, Brag noted there were ‘a lot more people coming to visit Tuvalu than I thought’. When he asked around, however, the YouTuber realised that ‘every single person’ was there for work and not travel.


‘So it looks like I might be the only one,’ he told his followers before checking into his hotel, which overlooked the airport where a plane was taking off. ‘There goes the only plane in the entire country. It leaves now and doesn’t come back for three days.’

plane takes off in tuvaluplane takes off in tuvaluYes Theory/YouTube

Then, after renting a bike from his hotel, Brag went out to explore the island, which is surrounded by golden beaches and clear blue ocean. ‘I’m moving to Tuvalu,’ he said at one point. ‘I’m staying here boys.’

Brag continued:


I think we have found our own little paradise. I can’t believe this country is the least visited place on the planet. I mean, look at this… This is like out of a dream. Like when you picture a deserted paradise island, this is it.

However, although the country may seem like paradise from a glance, on closer inspection it’s clear Tuvalu is at risk of disappearing completely as a result of climate change – something Brag realised when speaking to some of the locals in the country.

man goes to least visited country in worldman goes to least visited country in worldYes Theory/YouTube

‘My biggest dream is just to help others,’ one local said. ‘Islands like us, especially climate change. I’m living the life that is affected. [I’m] just trying to look for solutions… Tuvalu, they used to call us the sinking island. It is real.’


The fourth smallest nation in the world, Tuvalu is home to just 11,000 people, most of whom live on the largest island of Fongafale. Already, the government says two of the country’s nine islands are on the verge of going under, as per The Guardian, as a result of sea levels rising and coastal erosion.

And while scientists predict Tuvalu could become uninhabitable in the next 50 to 100 years, locals say they feel it could be much sooner. ‘Sometimes I feel scared of the ocean,’ Enna Sione told The Guardian last year. ‘Maybe one time Tuvalu will disappear. From what I can see a lot is already gone.’

tuvalu least visited country in worldtuvalu least visited country in worldYes Theory/YouTube

Brag described the situation in Tuvalu as ‘heartbreaking’ and vowed he and his team would educate themselves on ‘how we can be better’, recognising they are ‘far from perfect and have a long way to go’.


‘We carbon offset all our flights,’ he said, noting that while it’s ‘a start’ it is ‘obviously not a final solution’.

It’s clear then that if we want to preserve this paradise, action needs to be taken not only by all of us as individuals, but by all world leaders to ensure it doesn’t become forgotten completely.

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