YouTubers Get Into Actual ‘Fight’ Over Nothing In Embarrassing Video

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With YouTube becoming more saturated than ever, it was only a matter of time before two renowned vloggers got into a ‘fight’.

YouTube heavyweights RiceGum AKA Bryan Le (2.8 million subscribers) and Yousef Saleh Erakat behind fouseyTUBE (9.1 million subscribers) seemed to have got into in a definitely not fake fight, which totally isn’t just a cry for attention.

The spat all started when RiceGum accused an unknown collaborator of slagging him off behind his back. Very mature stuff right here:

The pair did a collaborative video only three weeks ago, but whether this has got anything to do with Bryan’s beef remains a bit of a mystery:

Anyway, Yousef took a bit of a dislike to the tweet and assumed he was chatting shit about him:

And as you’d expect, it escalated pretty quickly:

And then things took an unexpected turn for the worse:

Yeah, he just ‘punched’ him… apparently. Though the jury is very much out – seemed just a bit too staged if you ask me:

When asked about the punch, Yousef added that it was ‘like a mosquito kissed me… it felt fake’ and said he’d explain more to his fans about the feud at 10am (PT).

I hate the fact that this is what the world has come to, with stunts like this carried out just for the sake of a few retweets and favourites.

Can’t we just go back to the days of Keyboard Cat and Charlie the Unicorn? I’m so done with this shit.