Zayn Malik’s New Selfies Are The Epitome Of Bellendry

Untitled-1Zayn casually disregarding a sign on a wall - Credit: Instagram/Zayn Malik

Meet Zayn Malik.

Zayn Malik, 22, used to be in hit pop-brat group One Direction, but he left earlier this year to make it as a solo artist – to take his career in a new direction, if you will.

Since leaving the boy band Zayn Malik has become lost, spending his time taking moody black and white selfies, staring into the distance and pushing his breasts together in an attempt to find meaning in a world that appears to lack any.

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He’s also been painting terrible graffiti in what looks like his back yard.

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The life of a sulky young millionaire can be a struggle. Having an estimated net worth of about $20 million can place a lot of pressure on you, forcing you to take your top off, light up a cigarette and stare into the middle distance. It happens.

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If you feel Zayn’s pain then please donate a jumper or t-shirt today – together we can eradicate emotional topless selfies forever.