Kanye West Interrupts Wedding Speech In Hilarious Fashion


Great time last night

A photo posted by David Grutman (@davegrutman) on

Stop the press – we have seen two once in a lifetime Kanye West moments at just one event.

Firstly, as the above image proves, Kanye West can smile for photos. Secondly, he has learned to take the piss out of himself.

In this short clip uploaded to Instagram by Dave Grutman, the Yeezus artist attended Grutman’s wedding and channeled the spirit of his Taylor Swift interrupting self just in time for the speeches.

Check it out:

Well I guess this says it all. I love you @isabelarangela Grutman

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‘I’mma let you finish, but Dave and Isabella had one of the best weddings of all time.’

Hats off to you Kanye, when I saw you reaching for the mic I was not ready for such high quality, self-deprecating banter.