50 Cent Drops $100k To Rent Out Toys ‘R’ Us For Seven-Year-Old Son


50 Cent Drops $100k To Rent Out Toys 'R' Us For Seven-Year-Old SonSire Jackson/Instagram

‘I’ll take you the toy shop,’ said 50 Cent to his son, before dropping a whopping $100,000 to rent out Toys ‘R’ Us for a Christmas shopping spree. 

We all remember the feeling of being a kid during the festive period. Wandering the aisles of toy and game shops, pointing at anything and everything, willing Santa to be taking note for the big day.


Well, unfortunately for us, we can’t all be offspring of Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. The rapper’s son, Sire, took to Instagram to share his mega-Xmas treat: a full-blown spree in Toys ‘R’ Us.

Check out the video below of Sire walking in to the shop for the best day ever: 


It’s every kid’s dream: a personalised tour of a toy store, where all bets are off. Anything you desire, no matter how big or small (or how expensive) can be yours. Selecting a range of treats, from Nintendo games to Nerf guns, Sire’s caption read: ‘Did this just happen?’


A further post on Instagram also read: 

When I asked my Dad for the ‘WHOLE Toys R Us Store’ for Christmas I didn’t think he would actually do it, but he did. Thank you Daddy! Best Christmas Ever!

According to TMZ‘s sources, it wasn’t a cheap day out for the father and son: 50 Cent reportedly dropped $100,000 to rent out the store and shut it off to the public. It’s one of only two locations open in New Jersey at the moment, so it’s no surprise it was quite the pricey rental.


It wasn’t just a no-expenses-spared trolley dash – the shop was customised to the seven-year-old himself. Decals on the floor even went as far as to read: ‘Sire’s Toys R Us’.

They weren’t alone either: the company’s beloved mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe made an appearance, posing with the pair.

With the advent of technology seismically changing the landscape of gift-giving, it’s refreshing to see a youngster still being won over by toys.

Christmas Toy Big Bear Pixabay

Growing up, Christmas was a simple affair: if there was a new games console out, that’s what I’d want. When I was even younger, of course I wanted toys (especially a Woody doll from Toy Story).

But now, there’s too much to choose from. Kids these days have nearly everything, from iPhones to AirPods to MacBooks (basically, Apple rules the waves).

Pet Portrait Mode Is Actually A Feature On The New iPhone 11PA

For evidence of this phenomenon, look no further than this young girl’s hilarious list for Santa – which has an eye-watering range of requests, including $4,000 in cash. Me too pal, me too.


Let’s hope Santa dishes out the best toys come December 25 – Merry Christmas everyone.

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    50 CENT My Son's In Da Toys 'R' Us AND IT'S ALL HIS!!!

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