50 Cent Says He’ll ‘Slap Colour Out Tekashi69’s Hair’, 69 Says ‘I’ll F*ck Fiddy Up’

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Tekashi69 and 50 Cent look like they’ve had a heated argument as 50 recently said he’ll ‘slap the colour’ out of Tekashi’s hair. 

The pair have had a history of referring to each other as father and son on social media – an odd trend which began in June when 50 claimed he was the biological father to 22-year-old Tekashi – real name Daniel Hernandez.

In an Instagram post, 50 wrote:

Your not gonna believe this but l dated a Mexican girl back in the day. l took a blood test and just found out 69’s my son, no wonder he acts like that [sic].

There never seemed to be any definitive truth which came from 50’s claim, which is probably for the best as the In Da Club rapper didn’t seem too overjoyed in the above photo.

Now though, the ‘family members’ have apparently had a bust up in which they’ve been throwing some angry sounding words back and forth.

Although they were probably meant to intimidate, the ‘threats’ actually just served to make them both sound a bit like a pair of competitive parents from Toddlers and Tiaras

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According to NME, 6ix9ine was riled by the rapper and called him out on Instagram, claiming he would ‘F*CK UP’ 50 Cent.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star took a screen shot of Tekashi’s post and shared it in a since-deleted post, admitting he’d said some incriminating things to his ‘son’ but ‘didn’t mean it’.

50 wrote:

Aww f*ck they are turning my son against me. I told him I’ll slap the colour out of his hair then knock the tattoos off his face but I didn’t mean it. [sic]

You know he thinks he’s me.

I wasn’t this bad before I sold 30 million records.

6ix9ine hasn’t responded to 50’s claim that he didn’t mean what he said – it seems the BEBE rapper has been busy dealing with a bigger problem, which involved him cancelling his entire US tour.

In an Instagram post shared last night (November 15), Tekashi revealed he’d fired all of his employees, including manager and PR staff, and his tour, which had shows scheduled in Texas, New York and Florida, was no longer going ahead.

He warned fans who were booking tickets, they were being robbed of their money as his performances were cancelled. He also made a point of saying unless they were on the phone to the rapper himself, they were being lied to.

Check it out:

At the end of the dramatic video, Tekashi made sure to drop a mention of his album, which is scheduled for release next week.

After firing everyone close to him, it seems the rapper needs all the family he can get right now. We’ll have to see if he makes up with ‘father’ 50 any time soon.

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