50 Cent’s Son Responds To Shade Over Child Support

by : Francesca Donovan on : 14 Sep 2016 17:10

50 Cent may have had his fair share of money troubles recently but it’s really no excuse to be such a dick when it comes to supporting your own child.

The G-Unit rapper recently posted a photo to Instagram, counting down the year he had left until his son turns 18-years-old, allowing him to stop paying child support.


Although the caption did read ‘…I wish you well’, really, the only way Fiddy could stoop any lower is if he turns up to his son’s 18th with a Millie’s cookie cake that spells out ‘fuck you’.

But don’t feel sorry for the kid – Fifty’s eldest son Marquis was quick to respond to his dad’s mixed message.


He commented: 

Don’t worry I’ll make you proud! Just don’t forget to tell me happy birthday that day cos u missed a few

…before rounding things off with a sarcastic thumbs up emoji. Burn.

Fiddy has a difficult and yet unashamedly public relationship with Marquis’ mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, as reported on The Shade Room.

It seems the hate is a two-way street though, as Tompkins was included in TSR’s #ClapbackSeason.

We’re in no position to comment on how a man should run his business affairs or his love life, but when you disrespect your own child in this way, you deserve all the shade you get mate.

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