Adele Disguises Herself As An Adele Impersonator, Fellow Adele Impersonators Freak Out


These Adele impersonators got a lot more than they bargained for when they all met up…

Teaming up with Graham Norton on the BBC, the singer – who has just released her third album – disguised herself as an Adele impersonator to hang out with fellow Adele impersonators to freak them the fuck out.


To pull off this amazing prank, Adele got a fake chin and nose to go undercover as Jenny, whose ‘day job’ was nannying.

Even when she introduces herself to the other impersonators, she does a great job of hiding the fact that she is the real McCoy and has 10 Grammys chilling at home.


She even throws in a few fake nerves before she takes the stage to perform “Make You Feel My Love” and seems to miss her cue when the music begins. But as soon as she sings, everyone soon realises that it is definitely the real Adele.

Chatting on the Graham Norton Show, Adele said:

I was actually worried the impersonators would think they were the butt of the joke and be insulted. After the reveal you could tell it really made their day; they were so pleased. That made me kind of happy. That one girl knew like right away, that’s impressive. The other girls couldn’t believe it.


One of her fellow impersonators Katie Markham, told BuzzFeed, “The others [down the line) they didn’t clip straightaway and then Lisa started roaring her eyes out. Because none of them realized I thought, stuff this, and started singing with her.”

After the cameras stopped rolling, they even got to hang out with their idol: “We stood and chatted had a chat with her for a little while, and then we sang with her… And, God, honestly, it was ACE.”

Prank of the year? Well, it’s definitely up there…