Adele Fans Rejoice As New Updates Reveal Comeback Is Happening With Potential New Music

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 04 Oct 2021 17:22
Adele Fans Rejoice As New Updates Reveal Comeback Is Happening With Potential New MusicAdele/Instagram/Alamy

New music from Adele looks like it may be appearing soon, and the latest updates have revealed a comeback is likely on, leaving fans in a frenzy. 

On October 1, a number of mysterious billboards popped up all over the world with the number 30 on them, leading eagle-eyed fans to believe that they signalled the singer’s long-awaited return.


The latest updates to seemingly confirm new music being on its way have since come from the singer herself.

Adele - Huerth, Germany. 06th Dec, 2015. The singer Adele performs on stage during RTL's end-of-year review '2015! Menschen, Bilder, Emotionen' (lit. People, images, emotions) in Huerth, Germany, 06 December 2015. Photo: HENNING KAISER/dpa/Alamy Live News Alamy

As well as changing her website, Adele has also changed her social media layouts, profile pictures and header on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, as per a tweet by Music News and Rumors

It’s approaching six years since the 33-year-old’s last album was released, and fans were quick to note how ’30’ could be a likely name for an upcoming album, if it were to follow the same pattern as albums 19, 21 and 25. 


The billboards were pictured from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, to Radio City Tower in Liverpool.

Fans of the British star have since taken to Twitter in a frenzy to react to the latest indication of new music being on the horizon. One said, ‘Everybody move!’

Another wrote: 


Aaaaah it’s REAL THIS TIME.

A third commented, ‘Did she break Instagram?’

Another fan speculated that Adele’s three most recent Instagram posts, with her holding her fingers up, hinted at a new album titled 30, due to her fingers adding up to 30.


What the whole world needs most after a pandemic are some sad anthems to belt out while in the shower or listen to while on a long journey, staring out the window and pretending to be in a music video (you’re lying if you say you don’t do this).

Adele, we are ready and waiting.

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