Adele Finally Settles Tea Controversy Sparked By Hello Music Video

by : Julia Banim on : 19 Oct 2021 11:37
Adele Finally Settles Tea Controversy Sparked By Hello Music VideoAdele/YouTube

Adele is inarguably a British institution, however, fans have long been alarmed by her apparently abysmal – and decidedly un-British – tea-making abilities.

Many hardcore tea drinkers were horrified by the concoction served up in the 2015 music video, a beverage which proved so controversial that it even sparked the outraged hashtag #BoycottAdele.


In an act that some at the time likened to a ‘war crime’, Hello sees a typically morose Adele pouring boiling water into a pretty teacup, before dipping the teabag in.

Say Hello once again to this truly diabolical cuppa below:

Now, as anyone who loves a good brew can tell you, this just isn’t the way to do it, no matter how brooding and heartbroken you might be.


My personal ideal method, which I point blank refuse to deviate from, is bag first, then water and a small splash of milk. I’ve tried milk first in the past as I thought it seemed like a posh thing to do, but quickly reverted back to the light.

Adele fans will no doubt be pleased to know that the 33-year-old singer actually does know how to brew up properly, as demonstrated during a recent interview with British Vogue.

Ahead of the release of her upcoming album 30, Adele sat down with the iconic fashion publication for ‘the ultimate British taste test’. The menu included a variety of quintessentially British dishes, such as spotted dick and cockles. And what British feast would be complete without a cuppa to wash your food down with?

Check it out below:


Keen to clear up misconceptions about her crimes against tea, the star told British Vogue:

I’m gonna show you how I like my cups of tea, which, contrary to the Hello video, I didn’t prepare that when I was filming it, someone else did.

I like to brew the tea bag, add a bit of sugar, bit of milk, stir it, stir it, stir it, ring it out, put it wherever you want.

Thank god for that. Adele also revealed her – unsurprisingly down-to-earth – ‘death row meal’, opting for Chicken McNuggets, a Big Mac and fries before her theoretical walk to the electric chair.


Adele’s latest single, Easy on Me, smashed multiple records in the 24 hours after its release on Friday, October 15, becoming Spotify’s most-streamed song within the space of just one single day.

Adele’s eagerly anticipated fourth album, 30, is scheduled for release on November 19.

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