Adele Impersonator Defends Gastric Bypass Surgery After Singer Lost 7 Stone

by : Julia Banim on : 16 Jul 2020 11:43
Adele Impersonator Defends Gastric Bypass Surgery After Singer Lost 7 StoneAdele Impersonator Defends Gastric Bypass Surgery After Singer Lost 7 StoneITV/adele/Instagram

An Adele impersonator has defended her decision to have gastric bypass surgery after Adele herself lost seven stone.


Maria Herriott is known to be ‘one of the UK’s most prolific Adele impersonators’, earning her keep by looking and singing very much like the real deal.

However, after clocking Adele’s recent weight loss, Maria grew concerned that she would be put out of business and opted to undergo a dramatic transformation of her own.

You can watch Maria’s interview with This Morning below:


Maria has now taken out an £11,000 loan to undergo major gastric surgery, with the hope that going under the knife will help her resemble the newly slimmed down Adele.

Speaking with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning, Maria opened up about getting that initial glimpse of Adele’s weight loss journey, which became fully apparent following that 32nd birthday picture in May.

Maria said:

We first got a glimpse of [Adele’s] weight loss journey when she divorced her husband. We knew it was coming but the picture of her on the beach in the polka dot dress was a real shocker.

When Eamonn suggested Maria didn’t look as if she needed to lose any weight, enthusing that she looked ‘really good’, Maria insisted that she had gained a lot of weight recently.

Maria also took issue with the notion that she was risking her life for the surgery, stating:

I actually believe that I am saving my life. So if I get any bigger, I’m risking diabetes, I’m risking other weight association issues.


Replying to the question of whether she was undergoing the surgery for career or health reasons, Maria explained that she was doing it for ‘both’.

This was apparently something that was always in the ‘pipeline’ for Maria, however she’s now ‘pushed it forward a bit by going privately’.


Although Maria has said that Adele shed the weight ‘a little too fast for my liking’, she agreed the singer had done her a ‘favour’, and described her as looking ‘absolutely amazing’.

Maria’s family are apparently concerned about the surgery, which will be a major operation. However, Maria revealed she has already had a gastric band 13 years ago, which had to be removed due to complications.

Maria said:

Unfortunately, I got accidentally discharged from the hospital through the NHS so now with the lockdown there is going to be such a delay so I decided to speed up the process and borrow the money.

Maria clarified that this would be a ‘completely different’ procedure this time around, involving ‘the rewiring of your insides’ rather than ‘a foreign object’ being put into the body to restrict eating.


The procedure apparently isn’t reversible, and Maria agreed with Eamonn that it was a ‘big decision’ to make, but argued that it could ‘potentially’ mean ‘weight loss for life’.

As she prepares for the surgery, Maria will reportedly be listening to plenty of Adele tracks, ‘studying’ the singer for further inspiration.


According to the NHS, surgery such as this can result in significant weight loss and may help improve obesity-related conditions such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

However, this is a major operation and, for the majority of cases, weight loss surgery should only be considered an option after the patient has already tried to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise.

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