Adele Tells Fans She’s Going To Become A Witch, Because Why Not?

by : UNILAD on : 10 Apr 2016 13:43
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Could the most bizarre career change be on the cards for pop superstar Adele?


Well if her latest on-stage claim is to go by, we are sure she’d love to have a crack at being a witch.

Speaking during a performance in Manchester, she said she had been taken over by supernatural powers, all thanks to some crystals she received in the U.S, obviously.


Adele told the audience:


When I played a show in New York, which was my first show of the album, a hippy gave me some crystals. Then I had a great show so I was like, ‘It’s something to do with these crystals. I’m keeping them’.

Not that we’re downplaying the valuable importance crystals play in life (sorry, that’s exactly what we’re going to do) surely they will not help in any way what-so-fucking-ever. But apparently for Adele, they did a world of good.


She continued:

I kept them for my LA show, for my BBC show… I had them all. Then I had reflexology and someone was shining lights on my feet and I was like, ‘This is awkward’. But when I left I was skipping down the street like I was walking on air. So I’m becoming a hippy, I’m going to become a witch.

Good luck with that. But just in case you wanted more proof guys, then maybe we can turn your attention to the one time she didn’t bring her crystals, when disastrous technical issues marred her Grammy Awards performance.

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She added: “The one time I didn’t have them was the fucking Grammys- spooky shit. I believe in these crystals.”


Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just all down to positive thinking, reinforced by your blind faith put into an inanimate object and the good fortune is simply coincidence?

Just a thought.

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