Airbnb Host Refuses Tourist Housing Due To ‘Disturbing’ Music Taste

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Sep 2021 18:26
Airbnb Host Refuses Tourist Housing Due To 'Disturbing' Music TasteAlamy

An Airbnb guest was denied a room because of her ‘aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing’ music taste.

Kayleigh, a metalhead from the UK, was looking for a place to stay for her upcoming trip to Bristol, where she’s looking forward to seeing nu metal revivalists Death Blooms on September 21.


However, ahead of the gig, an Airbnb host took issue with her listening habits – so much so, they wouldn’t let her rent the property whatsoever.

As reported by Metal Hammer, the unnamed host was ‘not comfortable with the nature of this music’ and while they ‘have no issue with anybody’s taste in music’, they found Death Blooms’ tracks to be ‘aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing’.

When Kayleigh initially contacted Airbnb’s customer service team, they told her they’d be taking ‘a closer look’ at the host’s refusal and assured they’d be in contact. ‘We encourage Hosts on Airbnb to make all members of our community feel welcome and have been in contact with the guest and host on the matter,’ a spokesperson said.


‘To use Airbnb, all Hosts and guests must agree to our strict non-discrimination policy, Community Commitment and Community Standards, and we investigate and take action where we are made aware of behaviour that may violate our policies,’ they added, referencing its policy that allows hosts to refuse rooms on ‘personal preference’.

Death Blooms have released a t-shirt to mark the host's comments. (Death Blooms)Death Blooms

‘While Hosts on Airbnb may decline a booking request based on factors that are not prohibited by law, including where a guest has not completed identity verification and has no previous reviews, we encourage Hosts to make every effort to make guests feel welcome,’ the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the band have relished the ‘aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing’ descriptors, even printing a shirt with them on the back – and, if they sell out, they have promised to pay for Kayleigh’s accommodation so she can see the show next week.


If you want to help Kayleigh see Death Blooms, you can pick up one of the shirts here.

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