Amber Rose Says Kanye West Has ‘Bullied’ Her For 10 Years

by : Cameron Frew on : 22 Oct 2020 12:03
Amber Rose Says Kanye West Has 'Bullied' Her For 10 Yearsamberrose/Instagram/PA

Amber Rose, who dated Kanye West for two years from 2008, has accused the rapper of ‘bullying’ her for 10 years. 

Rose, 37, and Kanye, 43, broke up in 2010. The US model went on to marry rapper Wiz Khalifa, before divorcing in 2016. The pair share a son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.


During an earlier appearance on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, five years after their breakup, the presidential hopeful said he had to take ’30 showers’ before he ‘got with Kim’. Rose has since addressed Kanye’s comment and his later behaviour.

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Rose recently appeared on the No Jumper podcast with Adam John Grandmaison, known as Adam22, explaining that while she’s happy now, Kanye has bullied her for a decade. ‘Even if someone is picking on me which he has for 10 years. He has picked on me, he has bullied me for 10 years,’ she said.

She continued: 


I feel if you looked up every time he has bullied me a lot of stuff will come up but I just move on, I’m happy. I have an amazing husband. I have two beautiful kids.

He just called me a prostitute at his rally. He called me a prostitute. 10 years later. Just leave me alone. I don’t talk about you. Obviously, it comes up in interviews ’cause it’s a big part of why I’m famous so I try to give good interviews and not shying away from that, but at the same time it’s like, bro. Just leave me alone.

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As for the ’30 showers’ comment, Rose said: ‘That’s what narcissists do… you spend years with someone, you take them around the world, you buy them all the jewellery. You shout out to the world how much you love them and how much fun you have with this person and then the person decides that this isn’t what they want their life to be.’

She went on: ‘I don’t know if he says things to make his wife more comfortable but to slut-shame me and say you needed 30 showers? You took me around the world. Since when do you need 30 showers? I can see if it was a one-night thing and you want to slut-shame me. Okay. You’ve done a lot for me.’


You can listen to the full No Jumper podcast below: 

Urging she’s not vindictive over Kanye, Rose said she’s been offered book deals regarding the ill-fated relationship. ‘I don’t want money from stuff like that,’ she said. ‘Not all money is good money. That would not make me happy.’

Rose added: ‘I’m not like him at all. I didn’t get anything from him. I’m indifferent, I don’t really think about him like that. For me it’s some guy that I dated 10 years ago. I don’t feel any connection where I’m concerned.’


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