Anonymous Target Prodigy Frontman For Allegedly Hunting Animals

by : Tom Percival on : 04 Jan 2016 11:31
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Anonymous have targeted the frontman of The Prodigy, Keith Flint, for allegedly hunting animals. 


In a video, posted by a user named AnonIntelGroup, Flint is criticised for his allegiance to ‘Tory criminals’ and accused of liking to ‘kill and torture animals’. They call the singer a ‘traitorous fuckwit’ and claim he’s betrayed his anti-establishment roots.

The masked figure goes on to warn the singer that he’s in for a ‘bumpy ride’, although they claim that the video is not a threat, just a warning. They finish by ominously saying he has just one year to change his ways.


The video comes after the Daily Mail reported that Flint had adopted the life of a country gent and had been spotted riding with his local hunt. An unnamed source told them: “His enthusiasm for the sport is the talk of Essex hunting circles.”


However Mr Flint has denied the allegations and claimed that although he went horse riding on a hunt trail he never took part in killing animals.


He released the following statement on Facebook:

In regards to a story going around about me right now – yes I live in Essex and have a couple of horses. I went riding with the local trail hunt, it was a ride out and NO ANIMALS WERE HUNTED OR KILLED, so my conscience is clear, it wasn’t my thing and I won’t be going again.

Watch Anonymous’s accusations here:

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