Apparently Kanye Was A Nightmare When He Was A Kid Too


Is there any need for me to give Kanye West an introduction? I don’t think there is. However, apparently the out and out egotistical cunt-bucket was a nightmare when he was a child too. 

The Daily Mail reports that the 38-year-old definition of self-centred, who once claimed to be the greatest living artist in the world, started young – or so his step-father says.

In his first ever interview, former teacher Willie Scott spoke of how Kanye not only ruined his marriage to the rappers mother, but also refused to obey the simplest rules or complete any chores – like walking the dog.

The rapper later asked his mother to leave Mr Scott’s home, despite them living together for over four years.

kaneePolaris School for Individual Education

Scott said that he and Kanye’s mother Donda split over her lack of control over her son in his home, and that the couple went so far as to seek professional help to save their six-year relationship.

He told the Daily Mail:

The rapper would not wholly accept his mother had a new man in her life and did not try to help reform his ways when the relationship began to founder.

Kanye didn’t want me with his mother or any man for that matter. He was wrapped up into his mother.

We went to a counsellor to see if we could get him on the right path.

kanePolaris School for Individual Education

He then added: 

He [Kayne] was about 14. He was a beautiful kid, but he was aggressive and he was self assured.

He told me in front of his mother that he didn’t want to have to do anything he didn’t have to.

Unfortunately for everyone on Twitter, he didn’t really grow past that initial bratty stage…