Apparently Sober Raves Before Work Are ‘The Hot New Trend’

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Yeah, this sounds terrible to me.

Maybe it’s because I’m English, but if I go out clubbing – does anyone even call it that anymore? – or just go out in general, I intend to get really, really fucking drunk. It seems a bit pointless otherwise.

But apparently there are an increasing amount of people who would disagree with me. There’s a growing trend in sober clubbing, where strangers meet up at 6am to sweat their bollocks off before work, with a variety of organic, alcohol-free beverages to keep them hydrated.


Of course the trend started over the pond in the U.S., where everyone is so damn chirpy and talkative they don’t actually need alcohol or drugs to chew your ear off all night.

One of these sober raves is called Daybreaker, founded by Brooklyn entrepreneurs Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal. It launched in New York two years ago, and interest in this kind of pre-dawn party has grown so much they’re now held all over the place, including LA, San Francisco, London, Washington D.C., Chicago, Toronto and most recently Paris, NBC News reports.

Brimer told NBC:

We want to take out all the bad stuff associated with clubbing: the drinking and self-destructive behavior and mean bouncers, and just bring people together. There’s no guilt whatsoever here. You can tell your grandmother about Daybreaker.

If you did want to tell your nan about your early morning raving exploits, tickets go for $42.50 (£29.50), which includes a one hour yoga warm-up, a two-hour DJ dance party, as well as unlimited organic energy drinks and breakfast energy bars.


According to Brimer ‘the vast majority of the people go to work afterwards’. Antonia Predovan, a 29-year-old from Brooklyn, told NBC she enjoys partying sober at Daybreaker before going to her job in brand management because it puts her in a good mood all day.

“I love that everyone’s sober, so no one is spilling drinks on me, pushing people around, or hitting on anyone. It’s just dancing and having a great time,” Antonia added.

Call me old fashioned, but I think I’ll stick to drunkenly stumbling home at three in the morning with a lukewarm kebab.

I regret nothing…

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