Ariana Grande Posts Hilarious Tweet About BBQ Tattoo


Ariana Grande posted a hilarious tweet about her unfortunate BBQ tattoo after getting tired of hearing comments about it. 

The 25-year-old has been the butt of a few jokes recently, but considering she unintentionally got a tattoo about a BBQ, I don’t think there was any way of avoiding it.

In case you somehow missed the whole inking debacle, I’ll give you a quick rundown. In honour of her new song 7 Rings, the singer had a unique tattoo done on the palm of her hand.

ariana grandeGetty

Presumably enjoying the intricate look of Japanese symbols, Ariana decided to have the title of her song inked in Japanese. The unfortunate downfall of her plan was the fact she is, I assume, unable to read Japanese. Therefore it seems like she was unable to tell when the tattoo was horrendously misspelt.

Many of her followers were quick to point out that instead of 7 Rings, the tattoo actually translated to ‘shichirin’, which means ‘small barbecue grill’. While she might have got away with it if she was known for being an avid fan of barbecued food, unfortunately people just wouldn’t let the mistake slide.

After attempting to correct her tattoo and only making it worse, TMZ released a story titled ‘Ariana Grande Gets Million Dollar Offer to Remove Japanese BBQ Grill Tattoo’.

This story was released a good few days after she first shared the picture of her accidental tribute to a tiny BBQ, and I can imagine the joke got old for her very quickly.

To make it known she’d had enough, Ariana posted a hilarious tweet in response to TMZ, really putting them in their place with a very hard-to-resist offer.

Responding to the article, she wrote:

i”ll give y’all a million to get off my nuts

Considering the entire world has been made aware of her misspelt ink, I think it’s going to take another big celebrity blunder to turn the attention away from Ariana!

Here’s hoping someone does something funny soon, if only to give the singer a break. At least she has a brilliant way of handling it!


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