Ariana Grande’s Celebrity Singing Impressions Are Spot On


Ariana Grande’s musical impressions are pretty legendary at this point, but she took things to a whole new level in her appearance on Saturday Night Live last night.

In a sketch, SNL guest host Ariana Grande played a mild mannered intern who was called upon to help the tech team behind Jay Z’s struggling Tidal music service.

Cue a bunch of spot on singing impersonations from Grande, as she nailed the vocal mannerisms of Britney Spears, Shakira and Whitney Houston, among others.

She even threw in a subtle bit of shade at Rihanna for good measure.

And, if there was any doubt about the versatility of Grande, just check out her hilarious monologue which opened the show.

From joking about that donut licking incident to dreaming of an ‘adult scandal’ which could truly take her career to the next level, she hit this one out of the park too:

Impressive stuff all round!