Guy In Australia Flag Flashes Bum After Invading Stage During Eurovision Song Contest

by : UNILAD on : 14 May 2017 10:28

The Eurovision Song Contest was hit by some actual excitement this year, as a streaker decided to interrupt an interval performance.


The winner of last year’s competition for Ukraine, Jamala, was joined on stage by an unwanted guest as she performed at this year’s concert.

During a much needed break from a series of musical atrocities from the official contestants, Jamala took to the stage and so did a man baring an Australian flag and not much else to be honest.

Watch the outstanding Eurovision moment here:

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He strutted around Jamala before doing a cheeky little bum wiggle – just in case the crowd didn’t realise he was wearing fuck all.

Was he dared? Was he on the piss? Probably a bit of both, but we can only speculate.

And as you’d expect, everyone was kicking off about it on Twitter.

We’re just a little bit jealous of the Aussies as the UK rarely breaks into the top half year in year out, like the Eurovision equivalent of Crystal Palace – while they grabbed second place last year.

While we’re at it, why are Australia in this contest in the first place? And why are they more popular among Europeans than us? Oh wait, I remember now.


What a bummer!

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