Azealia Banks Threatens To Curse Twitter CEO In Bizarre Rant


Azealia Banks is back doing what she does best – fighting bizarre keyboard wars that leave everyone asking ‘what the fuck just happened?’

This time she has taken aim at Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

It all started, according to Mashable, when Dorsey failed to live up to his end of a business agreement and endorse the 212 star’s latest mixtape.

Then things got weird with Banks revealing she possesses strands of Dorsey’s hair…

Banks claims she did make said amulet to protect Dorsey, but now she wants to destroy it.

Banks then made it known she has no reason to hide her witchcraft due to its awesome power…

She then clarified it wasn’t the strength of her ‘power’ but the truth of its presence that allows her to be open.

Then came a lesson in hexing 101.

It is a shame there aren’t any more Harry Potter films currently in the pipeline, I think the next defence against the dark arts tutor is a no-brainer.

Being a responsible witch there are certain lines the musician will not cross.

But if her skills in witchcraft are comparable to her maths ability then Dorsey probably won’t be too worried…

Do Hulk Hogan and Azealia Banks employ the same person to monitor quality control on their social media channels?