Bam Margera Shares Footage Of Being Savagely Beaten

by : Tom Percival on : 30 Nov 2016 13:14

A shocking video showing Bam Margera getting battered by rappers in Iceland has been released by the former Jackass star.


The video, which was released to promote Margera’s latest project – the band Evesdroppers – shows him being savagely beaten by the Icelandic rap crew The Glacier Mafia.

The footage is believed to have been recorded back in 2015 at the Secret Solstice music festival. Icelandic newspapers at the time accused Bam Margera of harassing the female security guards which provoked The Glacier Mafia to attack him.


Reports from the time indicate that Margera was struck three times on the head, causing him to fall to the ground.


According to Vice Magazine music journalists as well as artists and crew members at the festival thought that Bam Margera was behaving like a ‘jackass’ at the time.

Speaker Ósk Gunnarsdótt said that Bam was ‘in a strange condition’ and when he tried to enter a production area two female guards were forced to try and stop him, forcing The Glacier Mafia to intervene.

Margera himself denies he harassed the guards, explaining he only wanted to go backstage to speak to his former publicist Leon Hill, who Margera alleged owed him money at the time.

He explained: 

I found out two years ago that the motherfucker [Hill] had started a Youtube channel on me and a few other people.

His scam is that he tells all the people that he’s working for that the other person is getting more hits and that they got the money. So when we all got together and figured that out, we realized that’s how Leon Hill became a self-made millionaire.

As shocking as the video is, it’s nice to see Bam focusing on being creative again rather than indulging in self-confessed self-destructive behaviour.

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