Battle Rapper Knocked Out By Crowd Member After Mum Joke


Proper rap battles are something that seem to just completely elude us in the UK and this video might just be the proof.

Battle rapper Pedro was on-stage when, in classic British style, someone said he was shit.

I imagine it takes a real thick skin to do this kind of thing and you just need to brush off petty insults, but instead, Pedro fired back with ‘you’re shit, and your mum looks like Paul Scholes.’ Ouch.

rapp 2TheUrbanGamer/YouTube

It’s no surprise that the audience member wasn’t a massive fan of his remark, maybe because his mum looks more like Roy Keane?

Anyway, he made his way on to the stage. At first, the MC thought it was all just a big laugh, but it definitely wasn’t in this furious guy’s eyes.

After a short confrontation and two quick-fire punches, Pedro was down and out and his epic burn quickly forgotten.


Yeah, rap battles are definitely nowhere near as glamorous as our American counterparts.