Beyoncé And Adele Are Dropping A Song Together On The New OneRepublic Album

Beyonce And Adele Are Dropping A Song Together On The New OneRepublic AlbumPA Images

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder dropped the ultimate bombshell at the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday when he revealed Beyoncé and Adele have collaborated on a song together.

The singer was being asked about their forthcoming album ‘Human’ and whether there would be any secrets on it.

However, even Z100 New York interviewer Maxwell wasn’t expecting Tedder’s response when he revealed the two biggest females in music had collaborated on a track for OneRepublic’s album.

While this is probably the most exciting music news we’ve heard all year, I can’t help but wonder how Adele feels about it all, given the fact she’s quite literally Queen B’s biggest fangirl.

Tedder revealed:

We have one song featuring Beyoncé and Adele, with a Chris Martin piano solo on the bridge.

A Queen B and Adele collab is music to anyone’s ears, but let’s just rewind to 2017, when Adele dedicated her Grammy win to Beyoncé after she was handed Album of the Year.

The only thing more emotional than Adele’s heartfelt speech was Beyoncé’s teary-eyed response, proving it was the beginning of a beautiful sisterhood.

Beyonce And Adele Are Dropping A Song Together On The New OneRepublic AlbumMTV/Giphy

Bey previously performed alongside Chris Martin during Coldplay’s Super Bowl performance in 2016, which could explain OneRepublic’s decision to bring together such a beautiful trio.

At first it was announced the album, Human, would land in November, however Tedder has since backtracked on that date, telling Z100:

We are gone for a month, so after I said it I was like, ‘Wait a minute, can we actually hit an album in November?’

And I was like, ‘no we can’t, it’s impossible’, but the bottom line is we do have an album with material, and that’s the good news.


He went on to say they’ve been ‘dropping song after song’ including the new single Rescue Me, which Tedder says ‘got the wheels turning again’.

Some fans have been left dubious as to whether Tedder was joking about the collaboration, but I’d like to believe he wouldn’t be so silly to raise everyone’s hopes like that.

Both Bey and Adele are yet to comment on the alleged collab and it’s not clear whether it will be released before the album is released.

Either way, we’ll be waiting on tenterhooks until someone gives us more information on the collaboration of the year.

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