Beyonce’s New Album Has Everyone Asking If Her And Jay-Z Are Splitting

beyonce-fbRussell Shire | UNILAD

After a long teaser campaign Beyonce finally dropped her ‘visual album’ Lemonade this weekend – but one track has got people worried about her marriage.

The album has been well received but one specific track is causing a buzz by implying Jay-Z cheated on his wife, reports the indy100.

The lyrics of Don’t Hurt Yourself have even got some thinking that the power couple might split after eight years together:

If you’re thinking this is all a twitterstorm in a tea cup check out the track, Beyonce’s lyrics can hardly be described as subtle:

Who the f*ck do you think I am?
You ain’t married to no average b*tch boy
You can watch my fat ass twist boy
As I bounce to the next d*ck boy

Twitter also pondered some darker implications of Don’t Hurt Yourself:

Pretty brutal Beyonce. It could just be a fictional song of course, but if she’s singing about her husband this could be the most public airing of dirty laundry ever. I guess this could be the popstar equivalent of your mate’s passive-aggressive Facebook status aimed at their partner.

beyonce-wtRussell Shire | UNILAD

If it’s true that the Single Ladies singer is having man trouble is anyone’s relationship safe?

You can listen to Lemonade (and Don’t Hurt Yourself) on Tidal or get a preview below: