Bill Murray’s Drunk Interview After Cubs Win Proves What A Legend He Is

by : Francesca Donovan on : 03 Nov 2016 04:18

The Chicago Cubs just won the World Series and it made for very Murray celebrations.


Unfortunately for the team, who have never been crowned World Series champs in their 108-year history, their win has been slightly overshadowed by their biggest fan, Bill Murray.

The 66-year-old Groundhog Day actor hit peak joy when his team won the most prestigious baseball accolade of the season.


I think we can all agree Murray’s reaction knocked it out the park, and Twitter reacted accordingly.


Murray, amidst thousands of Cubs fans, celebrated the end of the mythical Cubs curse in a hazy Passion Play of drunken glee, whooping and tears.

The actor – a man who clearly knows what America wants – called on the Mayor of the city to cancel school in celebration.

Celebrating in the only way us simple humans know how, Murray proceeded to make as much noise as physically possible, honking horns, dancing and yelling.

A visibly drunk Murray proceeded to hot-foot it down to the locker room where he interviewed Cubs boss, Theo Epstein with hilarious results.


Then the tables were turned.

As he was interviewed after the glorious win, Murray, the self-declared ‘baseball purist’ said:

I feel like even though the rain’s stopped, I’m glistening.

Shortly afterwards, Twitter hit peak fandom.


Meanwhile, Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan threw shade at fair-weather fans, saying:

I don’t talk to other Cubs celebrities. In fact, I’m anti-Cubs celebrity.

Although I know a few Cubs celebrities, other Cubs celebrities tend to show up when the playoffs are around.

I don’t necessarily see them in June. I might be a little biased being a Chicagoan year-round.



For his sake, I hope he’s not talking about Murray – a dedicated Cub – or he’ll be in for some serious hate from Murray’s army of fans.

Certainly, a joyous sporting moment of this magnitude hasn’t been seen since the end of Space Jam.

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