Bizarre Theory Claims Beyonce Gave Birth To Solange And Is Older Than She Says She Is

strange theory suggests beyonce is actually solange's mumGetty/PA

While we’d all love it if Beyoncé wasn’t as perfect as she comes across, this bizarre conspiracy theory takes things much further than you’d expect.

The strange claim has been doing the rounds online for a few years now, apparently originating from a former employee at Columbia Records, Beyoncé’s longtime label.

The theory suggests Bey is actually older than she has had us believe, and became pregnant when she was a young teen. It goes on to allege that, as a result of the pregnancy, the Single Ladies singer gave birth to Solange, and the two were raised by Bey’s parents as sisters.

Beyoncé has also maintained her date of birth of September 4, 1981. Solange was born in 1986, making her 32. But the theory suggests Beyoncé was actually born in 1974 – making her 44, and meaning she would’ve given birth to Solange at age 12 or 13.

The theory – which was posted by an anonymous user on the definitely verifiable site The Truth About Celebrities  – states:

Beyonce’s precise birthdate is 9/4/1974.

I saw a picture of her driver’s licence that was on my manager’s computer once don’t ask how.

Beyonce and Solange are both teenage mothers, I do not know the paternity of Solange.


The theory also suggests that Beyoncé’s pre-Destiny’s Child group – Girls Tyme – was actually active in the 80s, not the 90s, and the members have since had their ages altered:

before destinys child was even created, girls tyme was a new jack swing/hip hop R&B group starring beyonce as a young girl in the mid-1980s NOT mid 1990s. just look at one of the members birthdays, google or wiki nikki taylor she was a member of girls tyme and she is born in 1975. so youre going to tell me that someone who in 1993 was 18 years old was dancing with 11 year olds….somethings not right with that.

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Adding where they’ve received such rumours, writing in 2011, the anonymous theorist said:

bee’s cousin told me beyonce’s daughter is solange and she said it to me in confidence after the topic of teenage pregnancies came up. she is not the sarcastic type either so i doubt she would make something up that is so scandalous about her own cousin.

mark my words: one day the truth will be told. solange is 22 and beyonce is 36. that is a 14 year age difference.

Well, it’s been a few years and neither Solange or Bey has so much as mentioned the rumours, if that’s even their real names…

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