Bizzare Theory Claims Eminem Has Died And Been Replaced By A Robot

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Oct 2018 20:12
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Ever since the notorious ‘Paul is dead’ theory which lurked in the more paranoid corners of Beatlemania, conspiracy theorists have obsessed over the supposed secret demises of iconic musicians.

Avril Lavigne is famously one such artist; with certain suspicious fans convinced she is long dead and replaced by a lookalike best friend called Melissa.


Beyoncé and Britney Spears have also been surrounded by similar conspiracy theories, albeit with a sci-fi twist; with talk of cloning technology so advanced it can churn out replacement pop stars like Pop Tarts.

And matters have proceeded to get even more out there, with one very strange theory alleging Eminem has died and been replaced by a robot. Or indeed a ‘rapbot’…

According to this theory, Eminem died back in 2006 (or 1999 according to some sources) due to a substance overdose.


But rather than let the legendary rapper rest in peace, unscrupulous music industry executives decided to milk the ghost of Marshall Mathers for all it was worth.

At first they allegedly replaced him with a lookalike, but then went really wild and replaced him with a clone and eventually a full-blown android.

Those certain of the theory have pointed out how Em’s facial features have changed since 2006; including a slimmer jawline, lower hairline, more pronounced cheekbones and even a different ear shape.


And they haven’t just noted physical changes. Slim Shady’s style, lyrics and lifestyle have all been said to have undergone seismic changes.

I mean, I personally think we all alter as we age; trying out different looks, fluctuating with our weight and developing our creative identities as we mature. But what does a ‘sheeple’ like myself know, amirite?

Eminem in 1999.Getty
Marshall MathersPA

As reported by La Guía Del Varón, the theory originator has made the following claim (via Google Tranlsate):

When Eminem came back from rehab he was a different man, he looked younger, he looked fit and his style in fashion was a bit dark.

Then he went from being a Detroit rapper, with loose jeans, to tight caps and with a great fondness for black clothes.

The theorist added:

This current Eminem is a fraud who knows he’s a fraud and is gleefully shoving it in our faces.


Have we been living a lie all these years?

Eminem conspiracy theorists say he could be a robot. Getty

Social media is full of people who believe Em is a mere robotic creation, with some even alleging he was ‘murdered‘ back in 1999.

One person insisted:

Without a doubt murdered and cloned. the Eminem of the 90’s was the real one. If people were real fans they would actually pay attention to his music he predicts his own murder and replacement in his own underground music.The replacement cannot rap at all. He was murdered and replaced around 1999.

Hello my name is…who.. the real Slim Shady was actually the first song performed by the clone. Most kids are too young to understand because they fell in love with the clone version of the murdered celeb which is pathetic because the clones have no soul or talent. Robotoids with memory transfers creepy stuff.

Another said:

Its a clone. Everybody can see that. Robot face, don’t believe everything you see. Everything you see is a illusion fake. All in the music industry know about clone program.

Eminem is a robot according to conspiracy theorists.Getty

Now, if Eminem truly is a robot then he is a blooming good product and certainly not something you could grab down at your local Argos.

If the technological wizard behind this fast rapping, shade throwing ‘robot’ ever wanted to venture into the world of household products, they would make an absolute killing with vacuum cleaners…

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