Britney Spears Posed In Underwear With Topless Men, Everyone Said Same Thing

by : UNILAD on : 01 Jun 2018 19:50
Britney Spears/Vevo/YouTube

Quite a lot of us grew up with Britney Spears as the soundtrack to at least a part of our childhoods, dominating the charts for a lot of our formative years.


If it wasn’t during the late nineties era of Baby One More Time, then it was the 2004 smash hits, such as Toxic, but at some point in most of our childhoods, Britney has been in the music charts.

Recently, it must feel like we’re experiencing a complete lack of Britney in our lives, for better or worse, since Spears has taken a step back from the limelight in terms of releasing singles and albums.

But for her diehard fans, she hasn’t gone anywhere, and her career remains successful – her swathes of fans resolute. Just look at her recent residency in Las Vegas.


Even those fans though, couldn’t fail to notice the joke in a suggestive snap Spears posted to Instagram (June 1), in which she appeared next to two topless men.

The men are both Spears’ backing dancers, but comments on her post kept returning to the the fact the trio looked like they were about to engage in a ménage à trois.

The X Factor/ITV

Spears posted the snap with the caption:

It’s been way too long since I’ve seen these bad boys! Had an amazing time on set.

While most took the snap as an indication that more work from Spears is incoming, many couldn’t help but make the joke how the three looked conspicuously ready to have a threesome.

Check out some of the comments:


More than just a handful of the comments read simply:


While others go a little bit further, with one writing:

I see gang bang.


Spears is no stranger to online debate over her pictures. Recently, many were commenting on her appearance when she uploaded pics from a new photoshoot.

In an advertising campaign, the 36-year-old once again dramatically overhauled her appearance, so much so fans couldn’t even recognise the pop princess.

Wearing an array of brightly coloured sweatshirts, caps and funky footwear, Spears looked a little different to what most fans were used to.

One Tweeter wrote:

This does not look like Britney.


Another was also confused, tweeting:

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed that she doesn’t look like the same person.

Her and a handful of other celebrities have turned into other people out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, some said Britney resembled another celebrity, with one person stating:

Many of these photos look like Jessica Simpson. Certainly doesn’t look like Britney.

Britney’s no stranger to criticism, and one can only hope she doesn’t pay attention to the minor detractors, instead, focusing on her scores of dedicated fans and her family.

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