Britney Spear’s Top Fell Off On Stage And She Styled It Out


This is the moment Britney Spears came incredibly close to losing every fleshy inch of her modesty as her top broke loose during a concert in Las Vegas last week. 

While performing a rendition of I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, at her Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Las Vegas residency, the singer’s shirt snapped entirely off, dropping down below her chest forcing her to hold the revealing top up before somebody came over to assist her.


Fortunately it isn’t long before one of Britney’s trusty backup dancers strolls over and gets to work on readjusting the top to make sure it doesn’t fall down again, reports Mashable.

Her top was also playing up as she went into Gimme More (ironic) but everything turned out just right as Goldilocks would say as the backup dancer thinks on his feet and whips off his shirt, wrapping it around her to save her from the embarrassment of being bare-chested in front of thousands of adoring fans…


At the end of the day Spears handled it like a champ and didn’t let it affect her performance in the slightest.