Brother Of ‘Making A Murderer’ Convict Releases Rap About The Show

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Brad Dassey

You can’t go anywhere at the moment without bumping into someone who’s chatting about new Netflix sensation Making A Murderer.


The response to the 10-part documentary has been overwhelming, with everything from petitions for Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey to get a retrial or a pardon, to numerous Reddit posts about which bits of information the series left out.

But, it’s safe to say, nothing has been quite as incredible as this.

Brendan Dassey’s half-brother Brad has released a rap song about the trial and conviction of the two men, titled ‘They Didn’t Do It’.


Brendan was charged with aiding his uncle Steven Avery in the murder of Teresa Halbach when he was aged just 16, and jailed at 17, but Making A Murderer strongly suggests that the two men weren’t actually responsible for the crime.

Now, self proclaimed “indie Christian Rap artist” Brad, 32, has written and released his own protest song following the release of Making A Murderer, to show his disgust at the rulings made in the now infamous 2007 trials.


Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey

Brad told the Daily Beast that his track is “geared toward the supporters” of Dassey and Avery, and he hopes the song will stand as “a victory song to the better days ahead”.

Lyrics in Brad’s energetic anthem, include:

They didn’t do it. They didn’t do it. Come to your senses. Everything is just foolish. Things clearly showed that it was just a joke. Cops were only there just to prod and poke. Not a fair trial. Not a fair game. Whole thing’s whacked. Just a lying shame.

According to TMZ, Brad is now planning to take his rap to Green Bay Correctional Facility and perform it live, so his brother can hear the song for himself.


Sounding like a combination of Eminem and MC Hammer, Brad could go far, and there’s no doubt that his rhymes flow a heck of a lot better than the Manitowoc justice system does.

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