Calvin Harris Tickets Priced In Outrageously Sexist Fashion


Male fans of Calvin Harris have been stung by massive price inflation purely as a result of owning a set of testicles.

The British DJ is set to perform at Omnia Nightclub, Las Vegas, this Friday but female fans have been charged less than half the amount men had to pay for advance tickets, reports the Metro. were charging men $100 -roughly £69- for a standard pre-sale ticket, while ladies would only have to part with $40 -roughly £27.

And it isn’t any better for those wishing to go VIP. For VIP entry and a $100 bar card women were charged just $115 compared to the male price of $175.

The site attempted to explain the nonsensical disparity in pricing with a baffling message.

It read:

In order to benefit from our flexible check-in and transfer policy, MALE and FEMALE tickets have to be purchased separately for the same per ticket service fee.

Yeah, me either – but it clearly hasn’t put fans off with all pre-sale tickets seemingly sold out…

Disturbingly it isn’t the first time Omnia have charged men a significantly higher fee than girls.

As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, back in May 2015 women only had to pay $30 for entry to Harris’ gig at the club’s San Diego franchise, while men had to pay $75.

That is all kinds of messed up.