Cardi B Slams People Who ‘Bullied’ Mac Miller Online In Months Before His Death

by : Cameron Frew on : 12 Mar 2021 15:44
Cardi B Slams People Who 'Bullied' Mac Miller Online In Months Before His DeathPA Images

As debate over the 2019 Grammys resurfaces, Cardi B has taken aim at people who bullied Mac Miller online in the months prior to his death. 

The WAP artist’s 2018 Invasion of Privacy took home Best Rap Album at the ceremony, beating Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap, Pusha-T’s Daytona, Travis Scott’s Astroworld, and Miller’s Swimming.


Swimming was released one month before Miller passed away, going on to become his first album to reach platinum. As social media users discuss the circumstances of its loss at the Grammys, Cardi B isn’t accepting the criticism.

The rapper called out a tweet that questioned why Miller’s family was invited to the Grammys if he wasn’t going to win, a point that could have been raised without referring to Cardi B, who then shared a screenshot of an article saying the family was rooting for her if Miller didn’t win.

She wrote: ‘His family didn’t have no mean energy so why you? I hate when ya make hate tweets like this to go viral but where was the love when ya bullied him for months on this app and he was crying out for help? Makin fun of him when he crash his car? Ya don’t care till somebody is gone.’


Cardi B also shared a previous clip after she won the award, which she dedicated to Miller. ‘I’m sharing this Grammy with you, motherf*cker. Rest in peace,’ she said.

When another user argued there was no mean energy towards Cardi B, she referenced the volatile response from fans and others when Miller allegedly crashed his car while intoxicated back in 2018.


She wrote: ‘Naaa re read it again! Why mention me? And secondly why they don’t bring the fact that for months people picked on him and put him down on these apps now they only talk about the Grammy incident but don’t bring awareness to the bullying he went thru that affected him.’

In another tweet, she added: ‘He got bullied for months but want to make viral tweets about him loosing a Grammy to get me drag but don’t want to make viral tweets of mental health and how these apps can literally destroy a person mind and spirit.’

Cardi B also wrote: ‘And it’s funny right because the people that sit here preaching about mental health are kids that get picked and bullied in school yet be the ones that get brave on the internet to pick on others and celebs all day. Mental health only matters when they can’t make no friends.’

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