CeeLo Green Reveals Truth About His Bizarre Gold Grammy Outfit

by : UNILAD on : 10 Feb 2017 16:49

CeeLo Green’s Grammys outfit was both crazy and captivating, but why exactly did he choose this particular look?


The ‘Fuck you’ singer chose an absolutely bewildering outfit to attend the music award ceremony, which involved covering himself head-to-toe in gold.

His unconventional choice of attire set tongues wagging and baffled… well everybody who he came into contact with.

So why did he choose this eccentric character over his standard, flashy suit?


Well the reason is, according to Hype Beast at least, who we saw on the red carpet was not CeeLo Green, but in fact his alter ego, ‘Gnarly Davidson’.

His management said:

That was Gnarly Davidson on the Grammy red carpet. I can absolutely get a statement. Did you want from Gnarly or from CeeLo?

Gnarly Davidson is yet to make his debut music video, but an overheard conversation between CeeLo and Gnarly gets even weirder…

CeeLo apparently said:

When I saw him arrive on the Harley, my heart skipped a beat. Seriously, I don’t know if I can stop him now.

Gnarly wasted no time in declaring his celebrity status in response.


He exclaimed:

I told you this would happen and I did it. Fuck you, CeeLo Green. I mean fuck me, I’m famous.

How completely bizarre.

His explanation makes it crystal clear now though don’t you think?

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    CeeLo Green Reveals the Truth About His Bizarre Gold GRAMMY Outfit