Chris Martin Donates 10% Of His Huge Fortune To Charity

by : Francesca Donovan on : 02 Dec 2016 16:38

No matter what you might think about Coldplay’s unique brand of melodic elevator music, there’s no doubting front man Chris Martin is a really good egg.

As part of their worldwide A Head Full of Dreams tour, Martin and his band mates have been fulfilling their promotional duties with charm and charisma, from stumbling over political debates on The Graham Norton Show to revealing the extent of their philanthropy on Australia’s Today show.


This morning Chris Martin and his band mate Jason Buckland revealed that 10 per cent of all Coldplay’s profits go straight to charity.


Martin and Buckland explained that Martin’s philanthropic ways are inspired by his mother who always made the musician give away a portion of his pocket money.

Displaying an impressive aptitude for speedy mental maths, Martin joked: “My mum gives my £3 a week but I only get £2.70.”


On a more serious note, the 39-year-old singer songwriter added with awe-inspiring humility:

It’s very important for us. It drives us on. We have a place in London… I guess we pay for a lot of it to look after some kids. We don’t talk about it that much but you asked. It is true.


According to the charity statistics website Look to the Stars, Chris Martin personally supports a number of charities including 21st Century Leaders, Amnesty International, Bridge School, Every Mother Counts, Hoping Foundation, Keep A Child Alive, Kids Company, Make Trade Fair, Mencap, Mercy Corps, Mines Advisory Group, Oxfam, Peace One Day, Red Cross, Robin Hood, Small Steps Project, The CarbonNeutral Company and War Child.


With 10 per cent of £90 million in the bank going to 28 different charities annually, according to Daily Mail, Martin’s music is undeniably doing the world of good for those less fortunate than us.

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