Church Of Satan Replies To Fan’s Wild Lady Gaga Satanist Conspiracy Theory

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 21 Apr 2020 14:56
Church Of Satan Replies To Fan's Wild Lady Gaga Satanist Conspiracy TheoryPA Images

Beyond her incredible voice and iconic pop tunes, Lady Gaga is known for being a woman of mystique, often playing various characters as part of her performances.

In recent years we’ve seen less of the iconic meat dress and head-to-toe, face-covering fur, and a lot more of the woman beneath the costumes.


But, it seems Lady Gaga is quite possibly too good at playing a character, to the point where one fan has become convinced the queen of pop practices Satanism.

The fan indulged in a lengthy Twitter thread, laying out all their evidence which they believe points to Gaga’s Satanic tendencies, and it’s gold.

In the 33-tweet thread, the fan claims Gaga is a puppet of Satan based on the fact she is ‘the exact model of almost every pop star controlled by the Illuminati’.


They reckon Gaga, who recently raised more than $100 million for pandemic aid charities, has been brainwashed by the CIA and turned into a ‘human robot’, based on her stage name ‘Gaga’, which mimics the sound made by babies and refers to a state of absent-mindedness.

The thread includes some fairly savage and extremely personal claims about the death of Gaga’s best friend and the abuse she faced earlier in her life, which I’d rather not go into because, quite frankly, it’s none of our damn business.

The entire chain is mind-blowing, but just when you mind find yourself falling for the ideology that Gaga is in fact a member of the Church of Satan, the church itself stepped in to refute the idea and discard it all as a load of gaga (sorry).


Sharing a thread, in which the fan had claimed ‘it takes about three seconds on Google to tie Gaga with Satanism’, the church said: ‘It takes about three seconds to see that none of these examples have anything to do with Satanism, so we won’t waste your time with 20 parts explaining how this makes you look like an ignorant conspiracy theorist’.

Although the fan didn’t try and argue back with the church’s claims (well, would you?), they did post a hilarious meme alongside the caption: ‘When u wake up to see u pissed off the Church of Satan’.

And, just when you thought this bizarre tale couldn’t get any better, the Church of Satan came back with the ultimate burn: correcting their spelling.


Mic drop.

Never did I think I’d see the day that I’d be siding with the Church of Satan in a Twitter spat.

Gaga, I stan.


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