Comedian Hires Gangsters For Video, Doesn’t Tell Them It’s For Gay Rapper


This comedian set out to test how accepted homosexuality is in black America, and the results make for a genuinely interesting social experiment.

In the clip for the F-Comedy YouTube channel, Ben Bizuneh pretended to be a major label rapper looking for extras to appear in his new video.

Bizuneh turned himself into rapper Boss Quoss with the help of a Chief Keef wig, setting up a fake Twitter and Instagram and buying a load of followers from Russia for $20 to make them look legit.


‘Boss Quoss’ bought a beat and recorded a track called ‘Strokin’, which appears to be about rolling dice but is actually about handjobs.

He then placed an ad on Craigslist looking for extras, who showed up at an authentic looking video set, complete with film crew and entourage.

During the shoot the penny drops when he starts making out with one of the extras, a gay comedian who was in on it the whole time.

The reactions were fairly surprising:

Respect to the guys who stuck around!