Conspiracy Theory Suggests Miley Cyrus Was ‘Murdered By Disney’

by : UNILAD on : 08 Feb 2017 18:36

The rise and fall of Miley Cyrus, or just the rise, depending on how you look at it, is no highly guarded secret. 


Once the poster girl for all things cute and innocent as Hannah Montana – average schoolgirl by day, recording artist by night, Miley made a quick and radical turn to the dark side ditching clothes for nudity and churros (apparently her favourite food) for ‘molly’.

But what if it’s all a myth, a mirage if you will. According to some ‘legitimate sources’ Miley Cyrus was killed off by Disney a matter of years ago to protect her family name, reports the Daily Star.


The questionable theory claims that the fat cats at Disney were royally pissed off about Miley’s risque antics and thus decided to order her murder – because, logic.


Although believers of the conspiracy have different opinions when it comes to just how she was slaughtered, the most common belief is that she was cloned, killed, and buried in the desert.

One bloke even claims to have proof that Miley is ‘a confirmed Draco Reptilian Shapeshifter Hybrid’. Sure you do buddy.

If this is not a reptile I don’t know what is. Mind, blown.

Unless you’re too plagued by this sense of incredible enlightenment you may have realised a few flaws in the theory. The main one being, Miley Cyrus has not changed at all in the past few years. She’s still just as unpredictable as she was in 2013.

She’s been on dates, on tour, and on a prime time TV as a mentor on The Voice USA.

She was not killed by Disney, period. Or maybe that’s just what they want us to think…

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    Did Disney KILL Miley Cyrus? Body dumped in desert, claims new theory