Courtroom Artist Draws Absolutely Awful Sketch Of Taylor Swift During Trial


Taylor Swift is currently taking legal action against a DJ who she claims groped her in 2013.

Although photographers haven’t been allowed to attend, courtroom artists have been there to document the trial.

And one artist’s depiction of 27-year-old Taylor has gained particular attention, mainly because it bears only the vaguest of resemblances to the photogenic singer.

Although there is certainly some technical skill to the sketch, it’s fair to say the artist has used a fair amount of  ‘creative licence’ in their depiction of the superstar singer.

The result is quite odd, and makes Taylor look overly stern and slightly terrifying.

In fact, the drawing is so unflattering, some fans are suggesting the artist can only be her bitter rival Katy Perry…

Maybe we are being overly harsh. Maybe the artist is simply using the opportunity to reveal a new, harder side to Taylor we hadn’t previously considered.

Or maybe we should be checking out if a certain Kathryn Hudson has been seen slipping into any Denver courtrooms recently…