Crazy Frog’s Unexpected Return Has People Reminded About One Outrageous Detail

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Nov 2021 15:08
Crazy Frog's Unexpected Return Has People Reminded About One Outrageous DetailAlamy/Crazy Frog

Wh-wha-what’s going on-on? Brace yourself, because Crazy Frog is coming back.

In 2005, modern music was changed forever with Crazy Frog, once known as The Annoying Thing. Axel F, a remix of the Harold Faltermeyer song originally produced for Beverly Hills Cop, was a worldwide hit the likes of which nobody could have ever predicted, sparking an endless wave ‘ring ding ding daa baa baa aramba baa bom baa barooumba’ impressions.


Of course, the character’s controversies weren’t only with regards to how annoying he became – there’s the small matter of a visible appendage.

Back when the song was initially released, the Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints about the frog’s penis and scrotum. While the complaints weren’t upheld, the video was eventually voluntarily censored by Jamster!, and the frog’s genitals were nowhere to be seen.

After 16 years, Crazy Frog will return on December 10 with a mash-up of classic songs inspired by TikTok trends, BBC News reports. Apparently, there’s been more interest in the character’s YouTube channel; for reference, the original Axel F video has more than three billion views.


Wolfgang Boss, president of A&R for Sony Music, said, ‘When we started Crazy Frog, there was no TikTok, it didn’t exist. But right now TikTok is super important. It’s basically the number one platform for people to share new music and funny things connected with music.’

His unexpected return has reminded people (or revealed to them, in the most sobering instances) that Crazy Frog used to have his willy out all the time.


‘Hang on does Crazy Frog have a tiny little penis WHAT,’ one user tweeted. ‘He was called Crazy Frog because he always showed that little tiny penis,’ another wrote. ‘Wonder what life would be like with that Crazy Frog penis… wit that lil ding ding,’ a third joked.

Don’t worry, Boss has confirmed ‘the new video will have the Crazy Frog like he was originally meant – with a penis… but we will have to do a censored version again because US media will not show the original version.’

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