Dave Grohl Downs Beer, Falls Off Stage In First Foo Fighters Show Of 2019

Dave Grohl has fallen off the stage again.i_play_with_cars/Instagram

A fan has captured the moment Dave Grohl tumbled from the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, sparking a worldwide case of déjà vu.

The footage begins with the 49-year-old rocker in his absolute element; strumming away on his electric blue guitar and coming forwards to shake a fan’s hand before head banging away happily.

Dave was handed a Bud Light beer, which he placed precariously on top of a rather expensive looking speaker. Fingers still firmly picking away at the guitar, Dave tried to make a clumsy grab at the can with his mouth.

In scenes which will surely leave many a health and safety officer shaking with horror, the can tipped; spilling foaming, sticky, calorie friendly beer all over the speaker.

Rock and roll through and through, Dave simply shook his head slightly, seemingly unperturbed by the potential damage to stage equipment.

The beer continued to froth and drip all over the speaker and down to the floor. An anxiety producing hazard for we squares of the world, but of no consequence to the Foo Fighters rock god.

Without so much as a shrug, Dave proceeded to chug the alcoholic beverage as smoothly as if it had been a cool glass of Tropicana.

However, as he turned to head back to the centre of the stage, Dave was about to face his old nemesis: gravity.

As suddenly as if he had been possessed by the ghost of a hacked-off sound guy, Dave lost his footing and went Vans-in-the-air as he took an awkward tumble from the stage.

Panicked security officers rushed to help him, but the long haired legend was quickly able to scramble to his feet and head back to the stage, apparently unscathed.

Fans were of course reminded of an wince-worthy incident in 2015 when Dave broke his leg after falling during a Foo Fighters gig in Sweden.

Like an absolute fire breathing badass, determined Dave proceeded to continue with the set while sporting a cast and crutches.

Throughout his subsequent recovery process, Dave hammed up the theatrics; playing from a throne which looked straight from the wildest dreams of noughties moshers everywhere.

Speaking about the throne at the time, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins told the NME:

We were excited to get out there and do our march through Wembley then Glastonbury headlining. We were set to pop, we were set to go and then Dave broke his leg like that it was a kick in the fucking nuts.

But like Dave said, ‘we will go on, even if I have to sit in this throne I have in my mind’.

We were all like ‘that’s crazy – it’s crazy to think anyone’s going to want to see you sitting in a throne’, and we did, and they were some of the best shows we ever played.

Last year, Dave poked fun at his accident prone reputation, faking a fall. Luckily, this guy knows how to get up and carry on with style. An absolute king, with or without the throne!

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