Dave Grohl Steps In To Help UK Band Involved In Noise Row



Rock God and all-round good guy Dave Grohl has decided to fight a battle for a teenage heavy metal band from Cornwall- after their local council said they were too loud.

The Black Leaves of Envy were told they would have to stop practising in a family garage after noise complaints from neighbours.

After a massive world tour earlier this year and spending most of that time with a broken leg, the Foo Fighters frontman has now taken time out to pen an open letter to Cornwall Council after the band contacted him.

_88912000_blackleavesofenvy1Black Leaves of Envy

According to local media reports, the band from Praa Sands, Cornwall, contacted him to say they had to keep the noise down to about 30 to 40 decibels after their neighbours complained.

In the letter, the former Nirvana drummer says he started out practising in a garage and says music is a ‘wonderful, creative outlet for kids’.

He said:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 09.18.40Foo Fighters/Facebook

Grohl also linked the band to a guide on how to soundproof your performance space.

The father of one of the band members told West Briton that the band has been unable to play for three months, despite only having one nearby neighbour who has not complained. The others, he says, are ‘a farmer’s field away’.

Speaking to the BBC, band member Adam Jones, 17, said: “It’s just been surreal – I’m speechless. Seeing the Foo Fighters tag you in a post on Facebook was just incredible.”

Cornwall Council have since replied:

And since then, Black Leaves of Envy have now recorded this video message to thank Grohl.

Hopefully it all gets sorted and they can rock harder than ever before!